The UPS Store #3810 does a lot more than shipping


With the rise of the internet, there are more people working from home now than ever. Engaging in the local small business community, family owned and operated, The UPS Store #3810 in Stone Oak has the most services to offer those customers.


New Allergy/Immunology clinic in Stone Oak

Dr. Trott-Gregorio

Allergies, asthma and immune problems, while sometimes life-threatening, are more often just a nuisance that prevent people from really enjoying life. Stone Oak Allergy is committed to providing superior health care that leads to an improved quality of life for every patient.


Friday Feature: RediClinics are convenient, affordable


When it comes to serious or chronic medical issues the health care system in the United States has undeniable strengths and scientific advancements unmatched by any other country.  However, for those of us merely seeking a physical, vaccination or relief from a minor illness, a trip to the family doctor, urgent care clinic or emergency room can be time consuming, expensive and downright frustrating.<

Jefferson Bank keeps banking local

jb logo

Banking is personal no matter what type of account you have. At Jefferson Bank that is the driving force behind the value they offer South Texas customers.


Pinnacle PEO takes care of your business

Pinnacle PEO

Pinnacle PEO helps business owners make the best use of their human resources by offering advice and services designed to increase profitability and reduce workload. 

Stone Oak Liquor has what people want

The English Guy

With an exclusive selection of products that includes premium rums, tequilas, vodkas, gins and cognacs, as well as a huge range of single malt scotch whiskies, Stone Oak Liquor has differentiated itself by offering the quality that customers look for.


Clean Service offers innovation in cleaning industry

They call themselves the one-stop-shop for custodial services in home, office, commercial, educational and industrial facilities. With over 3,000 international employees, Clean Service has made its way to the states with its location in San Antonio.

Mike Morales explains importance of using insurance agent

Mike Morales

The growth of the internet in the insurance industry has changed the relationship between agent and client. Mike Morales of The Morales Agency said there is a lot that can go unnoticed by customers obtaining quotes and signing up for plans online. “It would be like diagnosing your own illness on the internet instead of going to a doctor,” he said.

Friday Feature: What can Champion A/C do for you?

Champion A/C

Going green has become a popular trend across America in the past few years, a trend that Ben Hubbert with Champion A/C is consciously aware of. In fact, he’s even considered a major “green-thumb” to those who know and work with him.

Stone Oak Athletics: Not your typical sports league

Stone Oak Athletics

Summer vacation begins in just a few short days and parents will once again struggle to find ways to keep the kiddos busy, active and away from the TV.  Thankfully Stone Oak Athletics – known for its many sports leagues during the school year – will offer a number of summer programs as well.