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New Stone Oak Board of Directors in place

 Stone Oak’s new 11-member Board of Directors officially took control Jan. 24 and includes a mixture of residents and business representatives. Although the new board was suppose to be elected by members of the Property Owners Association, bylaw changes approved just this month allowed the Project Planning Committee, Stone Oak’s previous governing body, to appoint this first board.

Stone Oak’s new board to be appointed, increased to 11 seats

Having passed the Dec. 31 deadline calling for the termination of Stone Oak’s current governing body, the Property Owner’s Association recently changed by-laws regarding the make-up of its future leaders. In order to provide a smoother transition, the first new Board of Directors will now be appointed by the current Project Planning Committee and will have a staggered term of office.    

Phase II of Stone Oak Park officially opens

Stone Oak Park Dedication Ceremony

Art and nature come together in the new Phase II section of Stone Oak Park, located on Stone Oak Parkway next to Canyon Ridge Elementary. District 9 City Councilman Kevin Wolff and San Antonio Parks & Recreation Director Malcolm Matthews formally dedicated the park’s new amenities on Saturday, July 7. "This park, set in the heart of Stone Oak, is a unique natural setting for walking and hiking, and this phase will provide new educational opportunities for our school children," said Wolff during the ceremony.

Stone Oak Park is a 245-acre nature park, with parking, trail heads, and ADA accessible hike and bike trails. The park was originally funded with $500,000 from the 1999 Bond Program to acquire and develop parkland in District 9. Phase II includes general park improvements such as a second entry drive and parking lot, trail heads, multi-use trails, exercise stations, a natural playground, outdoor classrooms and beautiful signage to provide information and connect the education facilities. Phase II of $795,225 was funded through the 2003 Bond Program, as well as Unified Development Code fees received from Stone Oak area subdivision de­velopments.

Confusion over New BexarMet Rates

From:  Lesley Wenger
To:      You                                                          June 27, 2007


Most of you have received your BexarMet bills with the new rates.  As you have observed, the bills are substantially higher than anything you have paid before.  This rate structure—touted as a decrease for low users—is in actuality a substantial decrease for commercial users, which homeowners are subsidizing.   It was created by BexarMet management for political reasons, in an attempt to influence the Legislature.  Fortunately the Legislature was not fooled.


BexarMet On-Target for Self-Imposed June 30th Deadline


BexarMet On-Target for Self-Imposed June 30th Deadline
to Complete Massive Infrastructure Additions
Improvements to Impact Tens of Thousands of Residents and Businesses

(San Antonio, TX 5-21-07) The Bexar Metropolitan Water District (BexarMet) announced today that it is on-track to meet its self-imposed infrastructure repairs in both the far north and deep southern sectors of the utility’s District by June 30th.

“Everyone told us last fall we could not get these repairs done in time to meet our self-imposed June 30th deadline.  Today, I’m pleased to announce we will meet the deadline.  We may even beat it by several days,” stated BexarMet General Manager F. Gilbert Olivares.

Stone Oak Park Dedication set for June 29


 Stone Oak Park will be officially dedicated and open to the public on June 29 at 10am.  Stone Oak Park is a 245 acre nature park, with parking, trail heads and hike and bike trails.  It is ADA accessible and the entrance is at 20395 Stone Oak Parkway, just before Canyon Ridge Elementary. 

The Friends of Stone Oak Park invite individuals, corporations and neighborhood associations to come out for the dedication and get involved with the park by making a donation to support conservation, education and management of the park.  the Friends of Stone Oak Park is an affiliate organization of the San Antonio Parks Foundation Friends of the Parks. 

Rate hike for waste collection in Stone Oak.

For the past twelve years, Stone Oak homeowners have dodged the rate increase bullet from waste collection contractor Allied Waste Systems.  Since 1995, the residents of Stone Oak have not paid more than $9.29 per month for their garbage and recycling pickup.  That is all about to change.

In a meeting of the Stone Oak Advisory Committee this past week, Hill Country Management officials discussed the proposed rate increase proposal from Allied Waste Systems.  AW is asking for a new 3-year contract beginning on May 1, 2007.  AW has provided the residents of Stone Oak with three viable options.  

Stone Oak...Get ready to pay more for your water!


BexarMet rates appear to be lower but not for the average user in Stone Oak. At a Special Board meeting Tuesday evening, the BexarMet Water Board of Directors adopted a new system-wide rate structure which will take effect June 1, 2007. The new rate structure will result in a rate reduction for approximately 75% of BexarMet customers.   However, if you live  in Stone Oak, your rates will more than likely go up. Especially if you use more than 17000 gallons per month.   The new rates follow a nine-month study conducted by a Denver-based rate analysis company of BexarMet’s current rate structure with a goal of making the utility’s rates more equitable, and creating a rate system that would encourage water conservation.

BexarMet Demand Management Plan

Nathan Riggs
BexarMet Water Efficiency Manager


The summer of 2006 lives in infamy in the minds of Stone Oak residents as well as BexarMet employees who worked to deal with the landscape watering restrictions and prohibitions issued between June and August of 2006.  A lot has changed in the months since, including plans for additional water and storage facilities for the BexarMet water system that includes Stone Oak, Sonterra, Greystone, Hill Country Village and Hollywood Park.


Will SAWS takeover Bexar Met?


The Bexar Metropolitan Water District is one step closer to having its Board of Directors replaced with the Bexar County Commissioners Court, following action at the State Capitol this month. On April 3, the Texas House of Representatives overwhelming passed House Bill 1565 which allows County Commissioners to take over the troubled water district.


County Commissioner for Precinct 3 Lyle Larson and City Councilman for District 9 Kevin Wolff hosted a town hall meeting that same day to inform the homeowners’ association presidents in Stone Oak, Timberwood Park and other communities currently served by Bexar Met about this potential change.