Chicken Soup for the Soul Looking for New Writers

The Chicken Soup Family is preparing a serving especially for the
Twenty-Something Soul and we are looking for stories.  The twenty-something
years are a time when of transition - out from under the security
blanket of parents and college to face the "real world."  This decade of
life is full of changes and new experiences.  The twenty-something years
also involve decisions without clear answers, expectations and
pressures, and self-doubts that make this rite of passage a bit of a bumpy ride. 

Chicken Soup for the Twenty-Something Soul will cater to the soul of a
twenty-something and ease readers of Chicken Soup for the College Years
into their next phase of life.  Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen are
teaming up with life coach and author of Twenty Something, Twenty Everything
Christine Hassler to serve up stories that resonate with the
twenty-something journey. 

We're looking for true stories that will touch the souls of the readers
and make them laugh, cry, sigh or just say, "Wow!"  Stories may be
about any aspect of a twenty-something's life such as career,
relationships, health, finances, family, and self identity.  Stories of
twenty-something's who have incredible lessons to share will inspire
twenty-something's to learn how to lay the foundation of their own life with
integrity, faith, and even a sense of humor.

Please share your inspirational, true experiences of 1000 words or
less. You may submit as many stories as you would like.   For each story
selected to be published in the book, a 50-word biography will be
included about the author and a permission fee of $200 will be paid. The
submission deadline is September 2007.

Email submissions are strongly preferred. Send stories with your name,
address, phone and email address on the manuscript through our website
at  Please select Twenty Something as the book

If unable to email, please send a hard copy (and on disk if possible)
c/o Chicken Soup for the Twenty Something Soul to Barbara LoMonaco, 326 Junipero Plaza, Santa Barbara, Ca. 93105.  Material will not be
returned.  Due to the volume of stories we receive, we are unable to respond
to each contribution. Finalists, only, will be notified prior to
publication and permission to print will be requested.