Concierge Medicine, the Doctor is always in

The Doctor is Always in
Concierge medicine takes the doctor/patient relationship back to the good ol’ days

You have a sore throat, a fever and feel achy all over. You pick up the phone, call your doctor’s personal cell phone and ask him if he can see you now. He says, “Absolutely, why don’t you come in right now?”  If you think physician service like this went out with poodle skirts and bobby socks, think again.  It’s called Concierge Medicine and it’s available right now for patients in the Stone Oak Area.

Grey Canyon Family Medicine is one of only about 300 practices in the U.S. making the commitment to deliver the type of personalized quality care that is virtually nonexistent in the traditional medical setting. Thanks to today’s fast-paced world of managed care, physicians have been forced to run their practices by the numbers – see as many patients as possible each day. But don’t be too hard on the doctors. They are literally being forced to spend less time with their patients and overbook their calendars because of shrinking payments from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance providers.

Dr. Brian MacGillivray knows firsthand the financial and ethical struggles facing family practitioners. He saw patients in this worsening environment for 8 years. “It became more and more difficult for me to provide the high standard of comprehensive care that my patients expected and deserved,” he explained.

Today, as the founder of Grey Canyon Family Medicine, he will tell you with a broad smile he no longer works for the managed care companies, he works for his patients. “Grey Canyon represents a life-long dream,” said Dr. MacGillivray. “My goal is to empower my patients to achieve their highest level of health and wellness. My job is to be their most staunch advocate for their emotional, physical and social needs – and to be available to them when they need me.”

His practice model is fairly simple. Grey Canyon Family Medicine is a patient-oriented, membership-based practice which limits its total patient base to 600 individuals. Membership benefits include same day or next day appointments, little or no waiting room time, 24/7 access to Dr. MacGillivray with after hours emergency cell phone access, immediate minor emergency care, facilitation of quick access to top specialists in the area, even house calls or office calls when appropriate.

Members pay a monthly fee, which covers the majority of their healthcare costs. However, Dr. MacGillivray does recommend that patients continue carrying some level of health insurance to cover expenses associated with prescription medications and certain diagnostic tests not available at Grey Canyon, as well as medical problems that require the services of a specialist, emergency room or hospital.  

Grey Canyon is a full-service medical office and membership includes a number of in-office tests such as routine blood draws, EKGs and spirometry at no additional charge. Dr. MacGillivray agrees Concierge Medicine may not be right for everyone. “I believe it is most appropriate for people who are interested in taking their health seriously, and who see a benefit in receiving quality healthcare and wellness at service levels far beyond what they have ever experienced,” he said.  “We have patients ranging from infants to grandparents, both healthy and chronically ill.”

So, next time you find yourself on the phone “pressing one” to make an appointment with your doctor, listening to ten minutes of elevator music, only to be told the doctor can’t see you until next week, keep in mind there is another option. When it comes to medical care of the future – it could very well be that “What’s old is new again.”

Grey Canyon Family Medicine is located on Stone Oak Parkway between Highway 281 and Evans Road.  For more information on Concierge Medicine visit their website at