What is a Personal Chef ?

   A Personal Chef is someone who prepares palate specific meals for clients to enjoy later.  A Personal Chef helps families gather around the table for meals, allows singles to eat healthier, and couples to enjoy a quality time together with food they love.  Busy, time-starved families hire a Personal Chef in order to eat healthier and to enjoy food prepared just for them using the freshest meats and produce, herbs, and just the right amount of spice. Special dietary requirements are also taken into consideration if requested.
    First, a Personal Chef will complete an interview to customize meals, determine dinner time favorites, discuss allergies and dislikes, and then do the shopping for the freshest ingredients.  After shopping, the Personal Chef cooks delicious meals in the home of the client and provides heating instructions for all the meals.
   Personal Chefs customarily work for several clients, unlike a Private Chef who might work for only one client.  Personal Chefs are also utilized for dinner parties as well as their custom in-home meal preparation for families.
   For more information on Personal Chef Services, please contact Chef Edward at 210-473-1330