Message from Chief McManus

Message from Chief McManus

"While crime traditionally rises in the summer months, the City of San Antonio entered the season in great shape, reporting a decrease in violent crime and property crimes. From January to May, the city saw a double-digit drop in violent crimes. The number of homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults was down 14% from the same period of time last year. Burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft, all property crimes, were down 7% compared to the first quarter of last year.


 However, it’s no time for the community to let its guard down as so many property crimes are crimes of opportunity. The Department frequently takes reports from victims who left valuable items inside their vehicles, forgot to lock their doors, and/or left their car keys inside the vehicle. Though, it’s important to note the criminal justice system is multifaceted. An arrest is only the beginning. From there, the case enters the judicial system — a system over which the Department has no control. The Department routinely sees instances in which suspects in property crimes and violent crimes have evaded responsibility for their actions at the judicial level.


  Additionally, the Department continues to see instances where individuals suspected of numerous crimes are released on low or personal recognizance bonds or are out on multiple bonds when they are re-arrested. The Department understands bail is a fundamental right, and that it may not be used as an oppressive tool. However, the law also states the court must consider the safety of the community and the safety of the victims of the alleged crime. That – the safety of the victims and of the community – is my primary concern. 


Officers will continue to do all they can to protect and serve the community, regardless of external factors. In my decades of police experience, I’ve learned the safest communities are the ones that are most informed and engaged. We have rolled out a new community notifications system that will allow the Department to text you the latest information, from crime statistics to upcoming community events near you. You can sign up by texting SAPD to 39987. By opting in, you can give your input on a number of topics.


In that same spirit, we’re revamping our website. We’ve already launched our cite-and-release dashboard, which is accessible through the data tab on the Department’s website. We also intend on introducing more online tools to keep the community informed!


Hope to visit with you all soon." 

 Chief McManus