Help for Mommy Burnout

Help for Mommy Burnout

Mom Mayday! – It has been months, and the kids are still home! For all you weary Stone Oak moms out there, hope is in sight. CrossBridge Community Church’s VINE program (formerly Mothers of Pre Schoolers) fall schedule is just around the corner. Leaders have designed a three-tiered program to allow moms of small children to tailor their participation to suit their family’s needs and comfort level.

Much has been mentioned about the burden placed on parents when children were suddenly sent home from school in response to the pandemic. But the demands of keeping the littlest family members entertained and occupied with parks closed and story times cancelled has received much less attention. 

Even in the best of times, parents of preschoolers benefit from support and camaraderie of interaction with peers. CrossBridge Community Church has an answer for Stone Oak moms with young children. The VINE has worked out a way to provide spiritual support and friendship, while keeping moms and little ones safe and healthy.

The VINE will hold programs on alternating Mondays in 2020/2021. Members will choose options of virtual or in-person interaction that appeal to them. Some will be ready to attend physically and take advantage of the provided childcare; others will be most comfortable accessing resources and fellowshipping with others online. Virtual meetings will take place on Monday evenings, so moms can make childcare arrangements that allow them to be present. Of course, like everything else affected by COVID, plans are subject to change based on the virus and government and church leadership recommendations.  

A Vine Member highlights the advantages of membership.

"I joined MOPS [now called the Vine] last year as a first time mom. My son was only 4 months old when we started. I was new to being a stay at home mom and desperately needed other mom friends. Thankfully, I found that in MOPS! We had playdates and moms’ night outs regularly and we got to share the experience of motherhood together: learning, growing, laughing, and crying together,” said Julie Ebers. 

“Our speakers at our bi-weekly meetings always provided such insightful and helpful information that was practical and uplifting. It also encouraged me in faith in Jesus Christ and how I could raise my children in a godly, Christ-honoring home. The childcare workers were so kind and wonderful, and it was such a relief to have a couple of hours where I could have full conversations with friends over breakfast and to know he (my son) was in safe hands and having a great time. I don't know what I would have done without this experience and community. It really made motherhood so much easier to navigate and much more enjoyable!"

Visit to find more information and explore details of the attendance options.