Shattered Dreams Program Aims at Saving Lives

Shattered Dreams Program Aims at Saving Lives

This week, Johnson High School involved its junior and senior students in an interactive program to remind them of the dangers of impaired and distracted driving – just in time for spring break. Shattered Dreams, put together by the PTSA and involving community first responders, stages a fatal drunk driving accident, complete with an emergency rescue and funeral, conducted right in front of the student’s eyes. It reminds them that too many young lives are lost, and countless others severely impaired, because of the tragic consequences of underage drinking and distraction combined with driving. It's a program about living and dying and making the right choice every time behind the wheel.

Mindy Waters is JHS PTSA First Vice President of Programs and spearheaded this year’s program.

“We hope Shattered Dreams opens up the conversation of the harsh realities about drinking and driving and encourages students to talk about it with their parents and friends. We know our students are going to be faced with tough decisions about drinking alcohol, whether in high school or in college, and we hope the different aspects of this program give them the power to make safe driving choices. If one student’s life is saved, then the program was worth it,” said Waters.

“Beforehand it’s just like one of those things, oh it's just like a production,” said Junior Kendall Curtis-Malone. “But then to see someone lying on the ground, people get taken to the helicopter and ambulance, seeing a girl get arrested, it’s just like surreal to see how this could actually happen in real life.”

The production is staged, but the message is real.

“When you see your friends that are living through these things and your friends are getting hurt by other people’s actions it really sets in place, like, it can really happen to anyone,” said Junior Parker Mapes.

The Johnson HS PTSA partners with the campus every two years to share this message with juniors and seniors, as the campus is committed to sending its students out in their cars as safe, smart drivers. This is the fourth time the school has offered Shattered Dreams.