Mays Family YMCA Kicks Off New Kidz Intro to Sports Clinics

Mays Family YMCA Kicks Off New Kidz Intro to Sports Clinics

Looking for a way to get your kids active and introduce them to a variety of sports without a big time commitment to a team? The Mays Family YMCA at Stone Oak has just the answer for you – their new Little Kickers and Kidz Sports Clinics, which will begin March 5. 

Each session runs for four weeks, with kids ages 3-11 able to participate in one class a week.  Parents can choose the 9-10 a.m., Friday session, or Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m.  The program introduces kids to a variety of sports in a non-competitive clinic setting, without sacrificing the family’s evenings and weekends to the hectic pace of a team. 

“This is a neat little clinic for the parent who doesn’t want to commit to a sports league,” said Mays YMCA Associate Executive Director Maya Smith.  “Their kids can be active, but still have time at home in the evening for dinner, homework and a decent bedtime.”

Kids will have the chance to learn basic elements of soccer, volleyball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball, among others, she added, all under the supervision of the Mays YMCA coaching staff. 

The cost is $20 for YMCA members, $70 for non-members.  Smith said they hope the program will encourage families to join the YMCA, so moms and dads can take advantage of the facilities and do something active while their kids are playing. 

“Everyone can be right here on site together,” Smith said, “and still have family time at home.”  

Contact Smith at or call 210-591-3926, to register.  The 
Mays Family YMCA at Stone Oak is located at 21654 Blanco Road 78258.