Reagan 10th Grader Named Texas Student Hero

Reagan Student receives award

One of Stone Oak’s own, a Ronald Reagan High School student, was awarded a 2018 Student Heroes award by State Board of Education representative Ken Mercer at a ceremony at the school Monday, May 21.  Sophomore Samantha Sanchez was selected for the statewide award among nominees from 13 counties representing 1.6 million constituents.  She was honored for her unselfish acts of contribution to the community.  


As a fifth grader, Samantha founded a non-profit organization called Sam’s Covers, providing blankets, pajamas and socks to children at risk.  Last year, Sam’s Covers made 621 blankets, and the combined value of all donations was valued at more than $10,000. So far in 2018, she and her volunteers have made and donated nearly 1600 fleece blankets.   

“As we celebrate Samantha with the 2018 Student Heroes Award, I stand in awe of the relationships that she has built with students, teachers, and members of the community in order to create such a success,” said Brenda Shelton, Reagan Principal. “Thank you Samantha for your commitment to excellence.”

The Student Heroes program recognizes Texas public school students in prekindergarten through high school who do outstanding works of service to benefit their fellow students, schools, and their communities. One student from each of the 15 State Board of Education (SBOE) districts is recognized for this award, according to the Texas Education Agency.  


The outstanding works of service performed by the student nominee must be voluntary and must not be associated to any curriculum requirement, a school project, or community program. The student nominee must be enrolled in a Texas public school or charter school.


“Every day in our schools, students quietly commit unselfish acts of kindness. They don’t do so because it is a class assignment. They do so because they are people of good character who care about their fellow students. These young people make their schools and communities a better place because of their unselfish work,” said Donna Bahorich, chair of the State Board of Education in the nomination announcement.
“The Student Heroes Award given by the State Board of Education provides an opportunity for Texans to spotlight and recognize these caring students,” she said.