Reagan High School Sends Supplies to Sister School in Houston’s Third Ward

Reagan students unload school supplies

The Unity Ambassadors Club of Ronald Reagan High School rallied this fall to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  They adopted Jack Yates High School, located in Houston’s historic Third Ward, whose students had lost many of their belongings in the flood. Reagan’s STAN counselor, Niki Jackson, Ph.D., enlisted a childhood friend and Houston media personality to help them locate just the right sister school campus.  


Reagan students collected more than 2500 school supplies in a week to send to their cohorts.  Classes and clubs throughout the school joined together to contribute binders, paper, and writing utensils.  Other organizations purchased specifically meaningful supplies.  For example: the girls’ basketball team donated basketballs.  The PTA also pitched in $1000 for uniform polos and backpacks.   


JROTC and players from the football team stuffed supplies into the JROTC trailer, which headed to Houston, where Yates Principal Dr. Davis and students were eagerly waiting to unload.    


An appreciative Yates student asked, “Why did you all choose us?” and their faculty expressed “sincere gratitude for Reagan’s generosity and persistent act of kindness,” Jackson said.  


“This was such an amazing experience for both schools,” Jackson added.  “We hope to remain as unofficial sister schools, cybercast our kids and work together for a spring activity,” she added.