Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone.

Smart driving

Summer is over.   School is back in full swing, and the Johnson HS PTSA Smart Driving Club wants to remind you to never drive distracted.  It is always important to keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone. Club students helped get that message out even over the summer months.


A banner with the message “Eyes on the Road and Not on your Phone” was displayed in three different locations during the months of May through August with the hope the community would be reminded to never drive distracted.


Club students worked with District 9 and 10 council members in April to secure funds to hang the banner in three different locations. Dixie Flag helped driving club students develop the banner last year.  The banner was able to be reused this summer.


The city of San Antonio currently has a no cell usage while driving city ordinance, but this ordinance may be preempted by Governor Abbott during the special legislation session.  A statewide law was passed at the end of May during the 85th legislative session, but this law only applies to texting while driving.



The JHS PTSA Smart Driving Club will continue its mission to remind and educate the Jaguar campus and the community of the dangers of driving distracted.  Our club students believe it is never safe to be on your phone or distracted while driving.  Please help support this mission and keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone.