Gina Ryder's fourth grade class at Stone Oak Elementary School set a goal last fall to donate all of the points earned through the Think Through Math online program to a non-profit organization. The students earned over 250,000 points equaling a $50.00 donation to the "No Kid Hungry" campaign. The students set this goal and worked together as a team to accomplish this generous donation to kids who often have to endure significant challenges and frequently go without a meal at home.

Their efforts were recognized nationally on the Think Through Math website and even garnered the attention of the Commissioner of Education for the state of Texas. The Think Through Math team offered Mrs. Ryder’s students an even greater challenge! They challenged the students to earn another 250,000 points through their online work and the Think Through Math team would donate $5,000 to the “No Kid Hungry” campaign in the name of the students at Stone Oak.

The students didn’t waste a single moment and got right to work planning how they would reach this goal and by the end of December their class points totaled over 500,000! Stone Oak Elementary will be welcoming the leadership team from Think Through Math to join them for a celebration on Monday, April 6th at 1:00 p.m.


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