Swiftwater Car Wash Opens in Stone Oak

Swiftwater Car Wash Owner Preston Coldewey

Very few things put you in a great mood like having a clean car.  This week, the newest car wash location for Swiftwater Car Wash opened in Stone Oak at the corner of Stone Oak Parkway and Huebner Rd.  Swiftwater Car Wash is a self-service carwash with four locations around San Antonio and they offer you two options to get your car sparkling clean. 


First, you can stay in you vehicle and ride in to the automatic bay wash where soft foam-like brushes gently glide over your vehicle’s surface, enhancing it’s gloss and luster, wash after wash.  Or, if you wish to be more hands on,  you can use one of several self-service bays, equipped high pressure sprayers and turbo dryers to remove the dirt and grime from your car.  Both options clean the car great and both offer a drying option at the end of the cycle.  “The turbo dryer is the first one of it’s kind in San Antonio, it’s like a high powered leaf blower explains,” Preston Coldewey, owner of Swiftwater Car Wash.


The automatic wash also uses the newest and best technology to adjust the top and side brushes to the exact contour of every vehicle. Each brush uses sensors to stay in constant contact with the vehicle and with just the right amount of cleaning pressure to ensure a clean vehicle. “This is a state- of- the- art soft touch car wash, it’s not touchless. We’ve found the only way to get your car really clean is to touch it,” says Coldewey.

The automatic bay wash has three pricing packages from $6 to $10 per wash.  All packages include undercarriage rinse, presoak, soft scrub, rinse, reverse osmosis spot free rinse and high speed dryers at the end.  For a few dollars more you can add a clear coat step, wheel scrub or their dura shield total car protection.


You can conveniently pay for your automatic bay car wash with cash or credit card and the self-service bays accept cash, credit cards and quarters. Swiftwater Car Wash also has change machines, vendor machines stocked with with soft towels, armor all and air fresheners plus offer multiple powerful vacuum stations, with foam scrubbers and fragrance machine options to leave the inside of your car clean and smelling fresh.


To learn more about Swiftwater Car Wash, visit them online at www.swiftwatercarwash.com  or come by their location at 20223 Huebner Rd. (Next to Walgreens at Huebner Rd./Stone Oak Parkway)


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