Allergy Treatments Available 7 days a week at RediClinic


Happy Earth Day! Don’t let seasonal allergies get in your way of enjoying the beautiful day today. RediClinic offers allergy treatments seven days a week.

It’s best to prepare early. “If you watch the news and you see that the pollen counts are high, you should take your medications,” says Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Natalia Farias.

Here are some tips to help you manage your allergies.

When Indoors:

• Close all windows and doors

• Turn the air conditioner or heater on when pollen levels are high 

• Use a cheesecloth to cover air conditioning vents for filtration of the pollen

• Change out the filters in your system regularly – HEPA air filters are recommended 

• Dust with a moist cloth 

• Clean your home with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner each week 

• Bathe pets frequently


When Outdoors:

• Close car windows

• Keep the air conditioner or heater on, in recirculation mode

• For extreme cases, cover your nose and mouth with a painter’s mask 

• If outdoors for a long period of time, be sure to shower and change clothes upon arriving home


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