Does it really take seven years to digest chewing gum?

What is it with seven years?  You break a mir­ror, seven years bad luck. Each dog year is seven human years.  Seven years to digest swal­lowed gum?  What if a dog broke a mir­ror and then swal­lowed a pack of gum?  Sounds like an alge­bra problem.


Chew­ing gum is not digestible but it def­i­nitely doesn’t sit in your stom­ach for years.  Gum actu­ally might help things move through the bow­els faster: Sor­bitol is some­times used as a sweet­ener in gum and this can act as a lax­a­tive.  What does this mean?  Yes, if you look care­fully, you should see it float­ing next to all of those lovely yel­low corn kernels.


Excerpt from Why Do Men Have Nip­ples? by Mark Leyner and Billy Gold­berg, M.D.