Andrea is one of our fan­tas­tic Med­ical Assis­tants here at Impact Urgent Care. She’s always ready with a big grin and a help­ing hand. 


Andrea’s big grin!

Why did you chose to go into medicine?


For me, it’s not the prac­tic­ing of med­i­cine, it’s the inter­ac­tion with peo­ple that I find reward­ing. I have a chance to turn their day around when they’re at their low­est and know that I impacted this person’s life by giv­ing them encour­age­ment and know I did some­thing good for them.


I know you started out by work­ing in retail. How did that evolve into what you’re doing now?


Becom­ing an MA was the quick­est way I could think of to get into the nurs­ing field with the least school­ing. I wanted to get expe­ri­ence so I can go back to school later to become a nurse. Even­tu­ally I want to become an RN but I’m going to take my time.



Why did you choose to work at IUC?


It was fate open­ing doors for me. Orig­i­nally my focus was on get­ting into the ER to work, but my school didn’t have a con­tact with them for extern­ships. My school had con­tacts with TXMed Clinic, but right when I was com­ing up to my extern­ship the coor­di­nater went out on mater­nity leave. The school direc­tor was friends with Dr. and Mrs. Rat­ner and sent me over here, but he told me to watch myself or he’d pull me out. After I did my extern­ship at Impact, they offered me a job work­ing here.



What would you like peo­ple to know about being a Med­ical Assistant?


Our job is more than just tak­ing vitals and giv­ing shots. It’s about mak­ing the patients feel wel­come and at home. Every­thing starts from the greet­ing at the begin­ning to the end when we say good­bye. It’s about the expe­ri­ence we give to the patients.


What’s dif­fer­ent about Impact from other places you’ve worked?


It’s smaller. They stick more with the goals they’ve set.


What would we be sur­prised to learn about you?


I’m cur­rently in the process of per­sonal devel­op­ment and am out to bet­ter myself as a per­son in con­flict res­o­lu­tion. I’m learn­ing you can’t resolve everything.


What’s a typ­i­cal day like for you?