What Should I Eat ???

Without a doubt, the most important component regarding Health and Well Being is what you Eat!

At the most foundational level, every cell in your body is rebuilt by the fuel that you put into it. You can put in the fuel that your body has biologically evolved to run on, and have strong efficient cells that thrive. Or you can put in the fuel made in processing factories, and have inferior cells cutting in to your genetic potential, health, and over all sense of well being.

If the building blocks of every organ in you body is made up of inferior cells, needless to say, you are asking for problems in the future. Not only will you not feel and perform your everyday best, but one will also begin the onset of disease and hormonal problems.

I stress to my athletes all the time that they cannot perform to their potential if their bodies aren’t working as they should. Performance cant come without Health, and Health cant come without proper Nutrition. What is proper nutrition, you may ask? This same question Ive been asking myself for the good part of the last decade in the hopes of optimizing my own performance.

As of about 3 years now, I have been following a way of eating that has my clients and I consistently feeling and looking better than we can remember. We feel great, rarely get ill, have improved our body’s digestive system, and have blood work panels that match our improved state. When we eat as we have evolved to, we unlock and express the genes in our body that help us work at optimum levels, and in turn gives us the ability to more readily help others around us!

“Only the strong survive” is a saying that I’m sure we’ve all heard, but the True saying should be, “Only the Strong Thrive”! We need to eat what GOD put on this earth for us to consume and that is Vegetation, Animals, fruits, and nuts. These are the foods that we were meant to consume, a simple idea, that just plain makes sense! All things found naturally and unadulterated here on earth. Look for naturally raised animals that also ate as they should (cows fed grass and not grain), and for vegetables, fruits, and nuts organically or locally grown.

If your diet begins to reflect whats above, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It does not happen over night, but within one month you will look and feel better! Get Serious about your health.