Why a Strength and Conditioning Coach?


With all honesty, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good Strength and Conditioning Coach for serious athletes devoted to reaching their potential.

A properly designed and implemented program not only significantly improves current performance, but is also the road to achieving opportunities at the next level. Individuals need to be assessed to some degree by a qualified Coach for the purpose of pinpointing the areas of strength and weakness in order to truly obtain maximum results.

Unless you are already at a D1 university, with multiple strength and conditioning coaches around monitoring lifting technique and mobility deficiencies, you are not getting the attention necessary to become your best. Most high schools and even lower level Universities dont have the personnel, space, or equipment to properly provide the athletic training for 50 athletes at a time. Dont get me wrong, Im sure these programs do all that they can with what they know and have available to them. I’m just letting you know, that if you really want a shot at making it, you need more coaching and attention.

The athletes that make it to D1 schools these days are the ones with the God given abilities to do so. By all means congratulations to them, thats a blessing and should be treated as such, keep working to maximize your gifts! But what about those who are on the cusp of being recruited, or are still young and have an eye for making it to college in the future? Athletic ability has all too much to do with who gets scholarships and who doesn’t. From personal experience at the collegiate level, coaches would rather bring in the athletes with size and speed who lack some skill, than a skilled player with average ability. You only have until you graduate high school or college to make a big enough impression to keep moving on.

A true strength and conditioning coach blends all that an athlete needs into a solid, science and experience based program. The design should make the athlete bigger, stronger, faster, more agile, and less prone to injury. Lifting weights is not enough; flexibility, mobility, and structural balance should be the key components incorporated to drive the previously mentioned characteristics into play.

If you are serious about becoming your best, it only makes sense to seek out the people who can help make it happen for you!