The Benefits of Sealing Cracks in Concrete

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Sealing the cracks in your concrete can help you and your concrete driveway in many ways.

Aesthetically, sealing the cracks in the concrete will help prevent dirt and weeds from growing in between them. The sealing compound also comes in different colors to match the concrete.

Structurally, sealing the cracks will help the concrete last longer by: preventing water to soak deep into the concrete where it can corrode the steel reinforcement causing the top surface of the concrete to delaminate or spall; sealing the cracks from water will also help keep the sub-surface of the slab compacted. Preventing these two problems will greatly help your concrete driveway stay in tack.

Check out the photos below from a recent job we just did filling in the expansion joint on a concrete driveway with a self-leveling polyurethane sealer.

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Cracked BeforeJoint Sealed