Do You Know The Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete?

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There are many types of concrete sealers and all of them have different purposes. Here is a brief description of the two most common types of sealers we use for protecting exterior concrete.


Penetrating Siloxane Sealer

The most basic type of concrete sealer is a penetrating siloxane sealer. It is used to prevent dirt and grime to build up in the concrete’s pores, but most importantly they reduce the amount of water that soaks into the concrete lowering the chances of the steel reinforcement from rusting. These types of sealer do not change the look or texture of the concrete; the only thing you will notice is that when it rains the water won’t soak into the concrete.

We mainly use penetrating sealers for:

  • Preventing dirt and grime to build up in the concrete
  • To protect acid stained concrete
  • To help prevent the concrete's surface from delaminating caused by the steel rusting


Acrylic Film Forming Sealer

Another type of concrete sealer that we frequently use is an acrylic sealer, which is a film forming sealer (meaning that the sealer typically lies on top of the concrete depending on how dense the concrete is). These types of sealers will produce a wet look on the concrete surface and will darken the concrete. We often use these sealers with stained concrete as they bring out the color in the concrete. They will also protect the concrete from dirt and grime, but the main difference between an acrylic sealer and penetrating sealer is that the acrylic sealers will produce a shine to the concrete and darkens the concrete.

We use both types of these sealers to protect concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, and concrete walls. The acrylic sealers are also a very popular choice for exposed aggregate concrete, as it makes the different colored aggregate pop out more.


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