Sweet Cece's - More Than a Yogurt Shop, It's An Experience!

Co-Owners Shawn and Barbara Johnson

Shawn and Barbara Johnson are more than sisters-in-law, they're co-owners that will treat you like family when you walk through the door at Sweet Cece's Frozen Yogurt & Treats. Their grand opening was Tuesday October 23, 2012, and was a big hit. This franchise is brand new to Texas with Stone Oak being the first location in the Lone Star State!

When you walk into the store the first thing you notice is the silo that has toppings and candy that reach to the ceiling! Every customer walks directly to it and you hear "ooooooohh's and ahhhhh's" right away. There is also a toppings bar that offers anything from fruit and nuts, to gummy bears.

There are three things that set Sweet Cece's apart from the rest. Flavor, experience and community involvement combine to make this shop one of a kind. "We're more than just a shop here, we really want to reach out to those around us" said co-owner Barbara Johnson. This pair of hard-working women has a goal to be active in the community with fundraisers, birthday parties and non-profit organizations.

Another special quality that you will notice about this establishment is the thicker consistency of the yogurt. Why is that, you might ask. "It's true yogurt." Other shops use powder mixes, but not Sweet Cece's. "We really have liquid yogurt that goes into the machine and is then frozen. It's the best flavor" adds Barbara.

"At Sweet Cece's, we have a great variety so there's something for everyone" said Shawn Johnson. This shop offers dairy free flavors for lactose intolerant customers. They also offer "no sugar added" flavors and a greek flavored yogurt, which is a healthier option that's high in protein. Of course they have sweet, rich flavors such as dulce de leche and cake batter, but offer healthier options as well. Located conveniently at 1150 North Loop 1604 W. Ste 140, Sweet Cece's Frozen Yogurt & Treats is a place to take the family for a fun, friendly and relaxing experience. 


Shawn and Barbara JohnsonCo-owner Shawn Johnson with customers in front of the candy silo