Ladies Only In-Home Training


Every woman knows the secret to looking and feeling her best comes from staying active and eating right. But how to stay active is a problem for a lot of women, especially those who are not big fans of the gym.

Milissa, owner of Ladies Only In-Home Fitness Training, helps alleviate this problem. Using her thirteen years of personal training experience, Milissa brings the fitness to her clients; in their homes, at a time  convenient for them. She started the business after working within the corporate gym structure and realizing most gym memberships went unused, and majority of those were women.

“There is a large percentage of women that don't want to go to the gyms, but desire to stay in shape and just don't know how to fit it in their life,” she said. “You don't need a gym to get in shape as long as you have your body, the know how, and the drive, you can achieve anything.”

A typical session is 45 minutes and consists of body toning and sculpting exercises designed to promote weight loss and physical transformation. Each plan is customized based on the goals of clients, whether they are looking for weight loss or muscle toning.

Milissa is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, trained by a world renowned dietitian to design meal plans for fat loss, muscle gain and increased energy in healthy people. She works mostly with women over 30, but also provides family fitness sessions. Her oldest client is 95 years old.

“My biggest success story was taking a mom who had dedicated her life to raising her family, but never had time for herself,” she said. “I helped her transform her body, until she was fit enough to qualify for the military. I was proud of that.”

Her publication, “10 Secrets to Looking Younger Than Your Husband For Women Over 30,” is a compilation of her own health and fitness tips that have proven successful. “I'm almost 50 and I get told everyday that I look in my 30's,” she said. “I share what I know with all of my clients, and if implemented a woman will see results quickly and feel better; and these are just the beginning.”

For more information on how to get signed up or to receive your own copy of “10 Secrets to Looking Younger Than Your Husband For Women Over 30” visit Ladies Only In-Home Training online at