Friday Feature: Get fit quick at Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub

Vowing to get in shape is hardly an original New Year resolution, but the way Koko FitClub approaches exercise is.  With its revolutionary Smartraining System, this one-of-a-kind fitness club helps clients lose weight, tone muscles and increase strength through 30-minute customized workout sessions created by world-class trainers.


“We have figured out how to get fit in a short amount of time,” says Paul Kummer, owner of the Koko FitClub near Stone Oak Parkway and Hardy Oak Boulevard. 


Combining technology with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, the Koko FitClub creates an individualized exercise plan to meet the goals of each client.  By plugging in their Koko key to the exercise equipment, clients are met with a computerized coaching system that guides them through each session, tracks their progress and revises each new workout based on previous progress. 


“It’s like having a personal trainer without the personal trainer fees,” says Kummer, who offers club membership for just $69 per month. 


Although only a few years old, the Massachusetts-based Koko FitClub has grown at an incredible pace and was recently named one of the Top New Franchises by “Entrepreneur Magazine.” Now available in more than 20 states, the club credits its ability to simplify the way people get and stay fit as one of the reasons for their tremendous success.


Kummer opened the Stone Oak Koko FitClub in August and a second location near Hwy 281 and Bitters a few months later.  “Business is great, especially with the start of the year.  New Year resolutions have kicked in,” he says.  “And once people find out how the program works, they fall in love with it.”


A resident of Hill Country Village, Kummer had previous careers in accounting, real estate and homebuilding. But, when the recession hit he decided to start his own business.  A fitness buff and father of three boys active in sports, Koko seemed a perfect fit.  “It was just a natural match to move over to this,” he says.  “And I have always wanted to do something in my career that will change lives.”


Kummer is seeing the results of Koko FitClub’s innovative system.  “We have members that are already up 10 percent in strength.  They are losing weight.  They feel great and they look great.”


Koko FitClub offers a complimentary introductory session.  To schedule an appointment, call the Stone Oak location at 404-9196 or the Bitters Road club 479-1395.  Or visit for more information. 

Koko FitClub