Be Cool By Evan Ratner MD

Dr. Evan Ratner

A quick reminder about the extreme heat that is forecast for this weekend. Hydration is an all day pursuit, it is important to start drinking before you are outside, while you are outside, and after you go back inside. It is almost impossible to keep up if you are hydrating only while outside.  If you have to be outside, than  take frequent breaks to go into a cooled environment. Even 20 minutes at a stretch can help to keep your core temperature from getting too high. Generally, 1 glass of electrolyte drink (Gatorade, Propel, coconut water, etc) for every 3 glasses of water is a good ratio.  If you develop symptoms of weakness, confusion, muscle cramps, headache, and if you stop sweating, than get out of the heat right away. We can evaluate and treat most of the dehydration and heat related illnesses at Impact Urgent Care. Listen to your body, if you are not feeling well, get out of the heat!