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I focus on helping my clients generate positive publicity for their businesses and community efforts. Having worked as both a news writer, a blogger (with more than 700 submissions) and as a TV producer, I understand the processes that appeal directly to the media.

In addition to my work in media relations channels, I have written a lot of articles for my clients, most recently within the security and technology industry. In many cases, I will get an article placed and then also complete it within the editorial parameters of each publication’s stylebook.

Public relations counsel: For 30 years, I have been working with clients to use print and electronic channels to get their message out to their audiences.  I have represented folks on Good Morning America and the CBS Morning News during my 20-year career in the Air Force.

For some of my recent work, please go to this link.

The San Antonio Express-News: When my local newspaper started its City Brights or guest blogging program, I was one of the original eight people selected.  Here’s the link to this blog.

My LinkedIn profile:  Want the official story about what makes me the public relations professional I am today? Check out this link.  As needed, I have worked with clients in updating their profile from the typically resume speak format usually found in this social media portal into a written communication piece that helps convey their capabilities and skills to potential customers.