Kevin Wolff Thanks Residents


As many of you know, SAHA has decided not to purchase two luxury apartment communities for affordable housing at the intersection of Loop 1604 and Blanco Road.   I have been opposed to this project since I first learned of it several weeks ago, and believe SAHA has made the right decision.

At the meeting we hosted on October 30th, District 9 residents asked a number of well thought-out questions about this transaction.  I pledge to continue asking SAHA these same questions which are listed below:

  •  Proportionality - SAHA should be required by law to abate taxes only on the number of units they convert to affordable housing. If SAHA purchases a property and turns 10% of that community into affordable housing, it should get a 10% tax abatement, not a 100% abatement.
  •  Access to Social Services – SAHA should look at locations which have corresponding support services nearby.  Public transportation, health clinics and good paying jobs should be readily available to residents of affordable housing.
  •  Home Ownership – home ownership has proven much more effective than rental housing in helping families prosper.  I believe SAHA should focus on providing homes for families in need.  These families become tax-paying citizens and are given a “hand-up.”
  •  Transparency – I believe SAHA should be required by law to post the physical address and name of any property it is considering purchasing on all board and meeting agendas. 

I want to thank all of you who voiced your opinion to me and the SAHA Board.  Open government works best when there is open dialogue, and your involvement in this issue has forced SAHA to engage the community more fully in its plans to provide affordable housing in our city.

I am impressed with your level of dedication to our District 9 community and proud to be your elected representative.

Kevin A. Wolff
City Council District 9