Hardy Oak’s Ms. Henry voted this fall’s Feature Teacher

Feature Teacher Winner, Andrea Henry

Andrea Henry of Hardy Oak Elementary has been voted as Stone Oak Info’s Feature Teacher for the fall semester. All the Reagan cluster schools, nine in total, participate in this regular event designed to highlight the great work of our area teachers. For the last few weeks, students, parents and administrators have been submitting their votes for the person they believe should be honored and recognized.
“I was very surprised,” Henry said of learning she had received the most votes. “It really made my day.”
A first grade teacher, Henry joined Hardy Oak just this school year. Before that she taught first grade for three years at Larkspur Elementary. “It’s my favorite grade,” she says. “It’s where my heart is, it’s where you lay the foundation and I think it’s where I’m the best at.”
Teaching has always been a passion for Henry, although she began college as a chemistry major. In her sophomore year she decided to follow her heart and obtain a teaching degree instead, a move she doesn’t regret.
“I think I would have been miserable sitting in a cubical all day,” she says, while noting that her first-graders always keep the workday interesting. “They’re hilarious. There’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.”
“I always say I have the best first-grade class ever,” she adds. “The kids are great.”
And smart too. Although it’s only November Henry says her class is working hard reading, writing and problem solving. “We’re really trucking along. It blows my mind how far we’ve come.”
Upon being named Feature Teacher, Henry received a plaque from Stone Oak Info and a basket of goodies from our local business members. Watch for our next Feature Teacher contest which will begin in February.2008.