First Time Home Buyer's...What are you Waiting For?

A great deal of first time home buyers have taken action in purchasing their homes; however many are still on the fence...waiting...waiting...waiting.  Waiting for what I don't quite know. 

They may be waiting too long as most may not realize there are times when a 30 day closing is not in the scope of their plan.  Others may think they can have until November 30th to initiate a contract instead of that being the date in which they will need to have closed the deal.

Some feel they so not have the down payment or funds to take to closing and do not understand these costs are eligible up front.

Whatever their reasons I encourage any first time homebuyer to contact a local REALTOR® to get accurate information and get the ball rolling.  A REALTOR® is your "go to" person who will guide you from start to finish so you don't have to go it alone. 

Pick up the phone now and call a REALTOR®.