Voice Your Concerns About Bexar Met

The Stone Oak POA sent the following email reguesting residents consider voicing their concerns about water service provided by the Bexar Metropolitan Water District:

The problems in our area which exist with BexarMet were discussed at length at a special meeting of the Stone Oak Advisory Committee on September 13, 2006.  The consensus of the Committee was that lines of communication remain open with BexarMet to try to achieve a solution to problems affecting our area, but to also make the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) fully aware of problems experienced.  A letter to TCEQ, drafted by one of our residents, was presented to the attendees as one of the hand-outs and we were asked to provide this and the other documents attached electronically for your use and dissemination to residents in your neighborhood, should you wish to do so.

You may also file a complaint by email with TCEQ by emailing them at cmplaint@tceq.state.tx.us.  Their website address is
www.tceq.state.tx.us if you'd like more information.

Here is the suggested letter, ready to be copied and pasted into your personal letter to the TCEQ:


September   , 2006

Kathleen Hartnett-White
Chairman, TCEQ
MC 100
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78701
Dear Chairman Hartnett-White:
This is to request your support and oversight in addressing the problems that the Bexar Metropolitan Water District has in meeting the water needs of the Stone Oak Area of San Antonio.
This has been a year of serious drought. The problems I note however, compare the performance of Bexar Met as compared to other areas of San Antonio experiencing the same lack of rainfall.   As examples:  
  • Bexar Met has imposed water restrictions which have been far more severe than those initiated by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in other areas of San Antonio during 2006. These restrictions include:
    • Stage 1 water restrictions one month earlier than those areas of San Antonio served by SAWS.
    • A week long ban on all landscape watering starting August 17, 2006—not imposed by SAWS.
    • More severe Stage 1 restrictions since that week long ban—i.e. a watering window of 4 hours/one day a week as compared to a watering window of 14 hours/one day a week in SAWS territories.
  • Bexar Met does not have the water supply to keep their tanks in our area (Knights Cross and Timberwood) filled. They supplement their water supply with the purchase of approximately 3.7 million gallons of water a day from SAWS but apparently do not have the financial ability to pay for the additional water needed to support Stone Oak.
  • Despite the poor service levels from Bexar Met, the rates Stone Oak customers pay for Bexar Met water are higher than those paid by SAWS customers who also use average amounts of water per month (17,200 gallons or less). 
  • Information provided by Bexar Met officials has been both confusing and misleading.   No date by which new wells will be available to provide a water supply similar to that available to SAWS customers has been provided.
  • The company’s focus appears to be on expansion into other non-metropolitan territories rather than serving their existing customer base in San Antonio.
My conclusion is that Bexar Met, a small company with a predominantly rural focus, does not have the financial and organizational capabilities to serve my Stone Oak neighborhood, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in San Antonio. The planned new medical facilities, schools, businesses and residential communities will put too much pressure on a company unable to serve its existing constituents. 
Your oversight of Bexar Met will be appreciated. If you conclude that they cannot correct their service problems within the near term, possibly this area of San Antonio should be re-assigned/sold to the San Antonio Water System.
Sincerely yours,
Customer Name