What's wrong on Summer Knoll?

To those of you who don't live on the street, here is a resident's opinion:  THIS IS A RESIDENTIAL STREET, NOT A THROUGHWAY!  All of you who DON'T live here cannot imagine how dismaying it is to see traffic whizzing past, ignoring the speed limit (except the speed bumps, sometime).  You endanger the walkers, runners, pets, and children who live here.  We cannot enjoy our front yards.  We have to run across the street, because sometimes you don't even slow down when you see us in the middle of the road!  In the mornings, even when school is not is session, it is very difficult for us to exit our driveways.  I ask you; what difference can one car make to you?  Letting someone out will make tham happy, and you get to feel good about it.  They probably don't want to go your way anyhow.  A lot of you avoid going through the light at Knight's Cross and SO Parkway.  That is the way you are supposed to go unless you are going to Reagan.   You, using Summer Knoll as a thoroughfare is our biggest problem.  You come through late at night, revving your engine, or blasting your radio, or early in the morning with more of the same.  We would really prefer that you do NOT wind it up  on the way up to the speed bumps, or between them, or after them. . . Please obey the speed limit and keep the environment for the rest of us quiet and peaceful.  We now have a policeman living on the street.  If this madness continues, I can guarantee you will see more of those pretty little black & white cars on the street.  If you MUST come through Summer Knoll, be quiet, be slow, be considerate.  Unless you're headed towards Reagan HS, don't use Summer Knoll . . .unless of course you live there, or on one of it's side streets.  GIVE US A BREAK!!!