Sonterra POA News


A total prohibition on landscape watering in the above areas, announced by the media, has been in effect from 8-17-2006 to 8-23-2006.
Effective Thursday August 24, 2006, irrigation with a soaker hose, hoseend sprinkler or inground irrigation system is allowed from 8:00pm to midnight on the assigned day ONLY.
These restrictions are in effect until further notice. Modify your irrigation schedule for lawns, groundcover and plants accordingly. All watering is prohibited on weekends.
As of August 24, 2006 and until further notice, all BexarMet customers (including homeowners, POAs, HOAs, builders and businesses) in the areas listed above must follow this watering schedule.
Address Ends In: Watering Day
0 or 1: Monday
2 or 3: Tuesday
4 or 5: Wednesday
6 or 7: Thursday
8 or 9: Friday
Medians/Common Areas/Entrances THURSDAYS ONLY
·    Automatic or hoseend sprinkler watering of any kind is permitted from 8:00pm to midnight under the new schedule.
·    Watering with a handheld hose or drip irrigation system is permitted at any time, but only on the scheduled watering day.
·    Washing your car at home is limited to your assigned watering day.
·    Washing impervious cover (concrete or asphalt) is always prohibited.
·    Filling new swimming pools is prohibited unless the water comes from a source other than a BexarMet system and all pools must be covered at least 25% while not in use to reduce evaporation.
·    All decorative fountains must be turned off.
VARIANCES: Until further notice, no variances for new landscapes will be issued. BexarMet strongly discourages the installation of new landscapes (especially turfgrasses) under this new schedule.
For more information on water restrictions for your area, call BexarMet Water Efficiency at (210) 3575705 or go to Report water waste to
BexarMet enforcement officers are patrolling these areas and will write citations for violations. After an initial warning, first time violators receive a $100 fine, second violations receive a $250 fine and third and subsequent violations carry a $1,000 fine.

Sonterra POA Annual Meeting Report

The Sonterra POA Annual Meeting was held on March 22, 2006 at The Club at Sonterra, with approximately 35 residents in attendance along with management staff and Board members.  Sandy Whitley resigned her position after completing a three-year term and John Tracy (The Fairways) was elected as a new director.  Jim Cox was elected to a three-year term after having completed the term of a vacated seat.  A review of the past year's expenditures, accomplishments and current status was presented, and a question-and-answer period followed.  If you have any questions pertaining to this meeting, please contact either the POA office or any of your Directors.


In response to questions asked at the Annual Meeting March 22nd concerning the increasing traffic problems and trouble exiting various neighborhoods, regrettably, the Sonterra POA has little control over these issues as they fall under the purview of the City.  The Sonterra POA and the Stone Oak POA have met on several occasions with District 9 Councilman Kevin Wolff and other city officials regarding traffic issues.  We urge everyone concerned about these growing problems to contact Councilman Wolff and register your questions and comments.  Councilman Wolff’s office is very responsive to calls and emails, and with a concerted effort from all of us, perhaps we can get some of our problems addressed.  Councilman Wolff can be reached at 207-7325 or email, or by mail at 900 Isom Road, Suite 102, San Antonio, Texas 78216.


Another big topic at the Annual Meeting was the fountain at the main entrance at Sonterra Boulevard.  The Association is currently working on plans to either renovate, remove or replace the 25-year-old fountain that is in very poor condition.  Until those plans are completed, the fountain has been turned off.  A committee has been formed consisting of Sonterra POA board members, residents, and Club members to work on this project, and we will keep everyone updated on the progress through the Newsletter.