Marketing your business with little or no money

Kent Kirkman

It is not surprising that businesses today are looking for ways to tell their customers about their business without spending any money.  Let's face it, it's tough out there right now.  Customer traffic is down, and what customers you may have are spending less with you per visit.  So really there isn't any money to spend on marketing.  However, I caution you on not spending money all together to get your message out to the public. 


Social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter are great ways to get you initially  in the loop of virtual popularity.   But be  sure that these efforts are purposeful and have a mission in mind, get you sales leads, referrals or new customers.  Just because someone knows who you are and what your are doing right now, doesn't mean they care or want to do it with you.  Share with your friends what you truly need in your business, ask for a referral with a plan and purpose in mind.  Find out what your friends need as well  because a referral to them could mean two or three in return to you.


Technology has made our lives more complicated and easier at the same time. Blackberries, IPhones, laptops, and other gadgets keep us technologically connected but enable us to hide and ignore our customers behind the electronics. Stay personal and connected to your customers.  Visit them in their businesses, call them on the phone, drop them a note or card.  Let them know how important they are to your success and that you apprecialte their loyalty and business.  Today, it takes five times longer to build and create a new customer than to retain a current one, but most of the time, all we do is prospect for the new ones and forget to keep our present customers happy, enthusiastic and involved with what we are doing in our business.  I have personal experience in this every day and know I need to get back to reality and get off the computer and go visit my members in their stores and businesses.


Stone Oak has many ways to stay connected to your customers without spending any more dollars than your initial membership.  Post a story, blog,  or community calendar event.  Share with our visitors your event photos or accolades. Attend a networking mixer.  And keep your banners and landing page fresh.  Drop us a note, email or call to tell us what you need and how we can help you make today a huge SUCCESS!


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Kent Kirkman


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