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19141 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 305
Stone Oak Crossing Shopping Center
San Antonio, TX 78258
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Chef Chai


Yum Talay

Thai Chili Restaurant brings you healthy Thai Cooking with 65 Original Family Recipes.

The successful preparation of Thai food depends on fresh ingredients that have been chopped or cut into even-sized pieces and cooked as quickly as possible. Our cooking methods and timing make the difference.

Thai Chili's menu offers a wide variety of cuisine including Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Chef Chai's Special, A La Carte, Curry, Fish, Vegetarian, Fried Rice, Noodles and finally Dessert.

We have more than 22 flavors of Boba Tea.


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"I've been ordering from Thai Chili since I first visited San Antonio several years ago. The food is outstanding - the Pad Thai in particular. I haven't found Thai food this good anywhere else in San Antonio. The portion sizes are incredible for the price; my husband and I will usually share one dish and be stuffed." -Marie S., San Antonio, TX. Reviewed January 18, 2012.

"This place is simply to die for. I seriously MUST make a stop here every time I come to San Antonio. If the last meal I had on earth was at Thai Chili I'd order: wings spicy 10, yellow curry with the bamboo shoots spicy 10, and papaya salad with fresh shrimp also spicy 10. If only they had a Thai Chili near where I live, I'd be there at least once a week!" -June J., Beverly Hills, CA. Reviewed February 1, 2011.

"Chef Chai takes you on a culinary adventure that can be as calm (pad Thai) or as rollicking (Som Tum, green papaya and salt-cured crab in the shell)." - San Antonio Express-News, Top picks: December 26, 2003. Reviewed September 26, 2003.

"Thai Chili, the bouldless enthusiasm of chef Chai spills over into an erresistible array of Thai delights, ranging from the sweet Pad Thai to the tear-inducing heat of some of the soups." - San Antonio Express-News, Top picks: January 4, 2002. Reviewed Auguest 17, 2001.

"A broad, rice noodle stir fry is standout at Thai Chili, 4303 Thousand Oaks Drive. Labeled Phad Key Mao, the dish is a perfect example of how a rice noodle soaks up the sauce in Asian cooking; it's almost indistinguishable from the shrimp, Thai basil and chiles in the mix. The broad rice noodle figures in several other dishes as will, and the voluble chef, Chai Ngamsomjam, will be more than happy to explain any of them. We learned, for example, that he first soaks the rice noodles for the Phad Key Mao, then stir-fries them with a little additional water in the wok to generate a bit of stream and cook the noodles further." - San Antonio Express-News, Reviewed January 4, 2002.

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