New Traffic and Criminal Laws Effective Sept. 1st

If you have a young driver with a learner's permit, you'd better put down the book or DPS will throw it at you. 

There are new Texas laws that become effective September 1st.  You might want to read about them if:

  • You own a dog (Lillian’s Law)
  • You have a driver with a learner’s permit (pay attention or else)
  • You have a concealed handgun license (continuing education required)
  • You own a car (new minimum liability coverage amounts for insurance)
  • You are 79 or older (new driver license rules)
  • You own an ATF (new registration requirements)

There are 29 different bills covering everything from the theft of copper wiring to tougher penalties (including GPS monitoring) for sexual predators.  The entire document can be found here.