Flashing Beacons Light Up School Zones


City Councilman Kevin Wolff was riding high in a cherry-picker this morning as he unveiled the new overhead flashing beacon on Evans Road at Tejeda Middle School.  The beacons are part of his Safe Schools Program and are funded through District 9 NAMP (Neighborhood Access and Mobility Program) funds.  Wolff has earmarked $255,000 for school zone flashing beacons at fourteen schools in District 9 – five of them in the Reagan cluster. 

Councilman Wolff reported that once school starts, his office receives a flood of calls from parents concerned about school zone safety.  “The benefit of the overhead flashing beacon is that it is visible to all lanes of traffic (moving in the same direction) which will lead to increased compliance in school zones,” Wolff states.  The overhead beacons at District 9 schools are the first of their kind in San Antonio. 

Dr. Richard Middleton, Superintendent of Northeast ISD attended the ceremony and thanked Wolff and the City of San Antonio.  He credited Councilman Wolff for his work in getting the recent bond issue to rebuild Bulverde Road approved.  NEISD Executive Director for Safe and Healthy Schools, Speedy Gonzales (yes, that’s really his name) said the growth in Stone Oak is a real logistical challenge for NEISD.  He’s already working to meet the traffic challenge the new hospital will bring to Sonterra.

Four additional beacons will be added and operational by the time school starts. There will be road side mounted flashing beacons on Caliza at Rio Colorado/Sonoma for Encino Park Elementary School, on Sonterra at Reagan High School and on Roan Park at Roan Forest Elementary School.  Another overhead beacon will be added on Evans Road at Bush Middle School. 

“It’s important to all of us that our children are safe going to and from school”, Wolff commented.  NEISD and the City of San Antonio are working together to maximize safety for students.  Let’s all remember to do our part when we’re behind the wheel and SLOW DOWN.  The first day of school is Monday, August 27th.