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With the growing trend in pets taking trips with their families, San Antonio Petland offers pet-friendly vacation tips

San Antonio, TX (Grassroots Newswire) June 25, 2007 – When planning a summer vacation, it’s ideal to pick a fellow traveler who won’t complain about the radio station you choose, who won’t continuously ask, “Are we there yet?” and who only requires the occasional stop at a rest area.


“More and more people are now making room in the car for one additional passenger – the family pet,” said Michel Reynoard, Operator of the Petland store in the The Vineyard, in San Antonio. “We encourage local residents to come into Petland and talk to our knowledgeable pet counselors about traveling with their pets. We want to help make a person’s vacation with their pet as fun and memorable as possible – even if they have to put up with the occasional hiss or growl from the back seat.”


Dogs: Accepted travel mates
Employees at the Petland store in San Antonio say that traveling with pets is on the rise. According to a 2005-2006 national pet owner’s survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 19 percent of dog owners bring their canine along as a travel companion. With pets becoming more integrated into people’s daily lives and routines, it is becoming more convenient – and acceptable – than ever before to travel with a pet.


“We’re here at Petland every summer, armed with information and supplies to help make vacations with pets as stress-free as possible,” Reynoard said.


Petland’s Reynoard notes that many hotels and resorts have no bones about allowing guests to share a room with their favorite pooch or feline. Some hotels even welcome pets with their own amenities and perks, such as pet-themed gift baskets full of treats and toys, pet beds and pillows in the rooms for napping, samples of pet-safe shampoos and designer pet food bowls. One Web site, www.petsonthego.com, offers reviews of pet-friendly hotels.


Many major airlines also welcome pets, but there are often criteria that must first be met, according to Reynoard, who explained that most airlines require that the pet be housed in an airline-approved carrier. Often times there also are size and weight restrictions, and, for international travel, most airlines require proper veterinary documentation noting proof of vaccinations.


“Our pet counseling staff at Petland is trained to equip you with pet-safe travel carriers, pet sunscreen, non-spill food bowls and other amenities that make traveling with pets easier,” Reynoard said. “Traveling with a pet is a lot of fun, but it’s critical that pet owners be prepared for both the expected and unexpected.”

Petland offers tips for safe car travel
The Travel Industry Association of America states that of the 71 million dog owners in America, over 29 million travel with their canine pals. As such, taking a road trip with a pet requires careful consideration when it comes to hydration and nutritional concerns, rest stops and safely restraining a pet in a vehicle.

Petland offers the following tips to make car travel practical and safe for pets:

  •  Make frequent stops with pets at roadside rest areas for exercise, eating and elimination. Be sure to have plenty of baggies on hand to properly dispose of pet waste.
  • Always accompany your pet outside of the vehicle. While outside, ensure that the pet is wearing a collar with identification and that it is always on a secure leash.
  • While in the car, pet owners should have access to non-spill food and water bowls. Taking a gallon or two of water from home to offer your best friend can relieve travel-related stress on your pet’s digestive system.
  • If your pet rarely travels, then feeding only small amounts of food or treats to your pet on the trip is advised to prevent an upset stomach or motion sickness. Pets with known motion sickness should seek medication from their licensed veterinarian.
  •  Allowing your pet to move about the vehicle while in motion can be unsafe for all travelers. While riding in the car, you should keep your pet inside a roomy pet carrier, one that can be equipped with comfortable pet bedding. The carrier should be secured in the backseat using the vehicle’s seat belt.
  • On long trips, you should have sun shades on the vehicle’s windows. This will prevent your pet from becoming overheated due to sun exposure. It also is a good idea to turn on the vehicle’s air conditioning, helping to keep the pet comfortable in warm weather.
  • Keep toys on hand to keep the pet occupied during the trip. Soothing music or pet CDs also are available to help calm anxious pets’ nerves.


Veterinarian on call
Reynoard adds that it’s also important to remember to bring along any necessary veterinarian-prescribed medications that a pet may need, as well as often forgotten items such as pet sunscreen, disposable pet wipes and a pet first-aid kit.

“It’s also a good idea to research the area that you are traveling to and find a local emergency animal care clinic in case your pet becomes ill or needs immediate medical attention,” Reynoard said.

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