A Taste Of Royalty

You could reign over “A Taste of the Northside” at FIESTA® next year!  Brighton, The Center for Inclusive Communities is now accepting nominations for Queen of the Vine 2008.  If you or someone you know enjoys raising money for kids and wants to spread the word about Brighton, you may want to run for Queen of the Vine.  This is your chance to be Brighton’s very own FIESTA® Royalty. 

To be eligible to be crowned Queen of the Vine, you must raise a minimum of $2,500 for Brighton.

  • All candidates who raise $2,500 will become Brighton Ambassadors and will receive a sash to wear at appearances.
  • The candidate who raises the most money during their campaign will be crowned Queen of the Vine 2008.
  • Candidates will be asked to attend Queen of the Vine Committee Meetings (once a month) and go on at least one ECI home visit or a Bright Beginnings visit to learn more about Brighton.
  • The campaigns will run from August 21, 2007 (Orientation) to March 28, 2008 (Coronation).

Nominations can be submitted through the Brighton website, www.brightonsa.org, or by email to kturner@brightonsa.org and will be accepted through July 20, 2007.  All nominees will receive an information packet and those who accept the nomination will be invited to Orientation on August 21st at Brighton providing more detailed information. 

What is Brighton?

Brighton, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1969 by a group of parents of children with disabilities.  When told that their only option was to place their children in institutions, they decided that this option wasn’t good enough.  They wanted to create an environment for their children where they could learn the same things being taught in public schools and have a future that would allow them to become active members of society.  Nineteen Down syndrome children were the first to attend the Brighton School. 

When mainstreaming began in 1975, the school changed its focus to pre-school age children with disabilities and developed Brighton’s Early Childhood Intervention program.  This program currently supports nearly 600 children in San Antonio.  In 1995, Brighton opened Bright Beginnings, an all-inclusive child development center that serves over 250 children with and without disabilities.

Brighton also created two programs Precious Minds, New Connections (PMNC) and Parent Alliance for Learning and Support (PALS).  These programs provide parents with tools to create an environment that enhances their child’s development and prepares the parent to advocate for their child in the public school system.  Brighton, The Center for Inclusive Communities continues to make the dreams of a group of parents a reality for children with disabilities in Bexar County.