Complete Closure of US 281 Scheduled this Weekend

US 281 Southbound between Jones Maltsberger and Sunset (Complete
Beginning at 3:00am on Saturday June 16, 2007 crews will issue a
complete closure of the US 281 Southbound mainlanes between Jones
Maltsberger north of IH 410 and Sunset. T
he Entrance Ramp from Jones
Maltbsberger to US 281 Southbound and the Exit Ramp from US 281
Southbound to Sunset will also be closed. Detour: Motorists will exit
Jones Maltsberger north of IH 410, travel down the US 281 Southbound
Frontage Road to the IH 410 Westbound Frontage Road, they will then
travel along the frontage Road to Jones Maltbserger, from here they can
either travel down Jones Maltsberger to the US 281 Southbound mainlanes,
or they can turn left on the IH 410 Eastbound Frontage Road, take a
right at the US 281 Southbound Frontage Road, and re-enter the US 281
Soutbound mainlanes via the Entrance Ramp from  Sunset. This closure is
necessary for crews to continue to set steel and is scheduled to be
lifted at 5:30am on Monday June 18, 2007.