Update: Physician shot in parking lot near Reagan

Julie Abbott, MD  Internal Medicine

Dr. Julie Abbott was shot and killed this afternoon by the husband of one of her patients in the parking lot behind her medical office at 255 E. Sonterra Blvd. The gunman, whose identity is not yet known, shot Abbott multiple times around 1:15 this afternoon.  The physician was airlifted to University Hospital and died of her injuries around 2:30 p.m.. 
A police officer in the area quickly responded to the scene and found the shooter standing over the victim.  The suspect was shot multiple times by the officer when he refused to put down his weapon and advanced towards the officer.  The police officer was not harmed. The suspect was airlifted to University Hospital and remains in critical condition. 
The parking lot where the shooting occurred remains on lockdown, however traffic is free to travel along Sonterra Boulevard.  “The area is safe,” SAPD Chief William McManus says.  “The incident was confined to the parking lot.” 
The neighboring Reagan High School never went into lockdown and students are allowed to leave campus at their regular times. 

Gunman shoots female Physician FridayPhyscian shot behind her medical office today.