Revised TAKS Exam Schedule

Monday, March 3                  TAKS, TAAS
Exit Level Social Studies Retest
                                                Exit Level Social Studies Online Retest
Tuesday, March 4                  No exams
Wednesday, March 5            TAKS, TAAS
                                                Reading – Grades 3, 5, 8, 9
                                                Writing – Grades 4, 7
                                                Grade 10 ELA
                                                Exit Level ELA
                                                Exit Level ELA and ELA-Online Retests
                                                TAAS Exit Level Writing Retest
                                                Reading – Grades 3, 5, 8
                                                Writing Field Test – Grades 4, 7
                                                Reading Field Test – Grade 9
                                                Grade 10 ELA
                                                Exit Level ELA Field Test
Thursday, March 6                TAKS/ TAAS
                                                Exit Level Math and Exit Level Math Online Retests
                                                TAAS Exit Level Math Retest
Friday, March 7                     TAKS/ TAAS
                                                Make-up session for Grade 10 ELA
                                                Exit Level Science Retest
                                                Exit Level Science On-line Retests
                                                TAAS Exit Level Reading Retest