Switching Roles

New Faces on the Reagan stage

Switching Roles: A Surprise in West Side Story
By Jennie Zurovetz
            If you’ve ever seen a play or musical put on by Ronald Reagan High School there will always be some faces in the cast with which you are familiar and some you haven’t seen before. However, there were four faces in West Side Story that I can guarantee  you haven’t seen on stage before. For the first time in the history of the Ronald Reagan Theatre Department there was a new group of actors which graced the stage…adults.
When I asked them what it was like to work on West Side Story here is some of what they said…
Mrs. Katherine Savage-Reagan School Librarian- Gladhand
“It’s been fun. I have particularly enjoyed watching the kids pull the show together.”
Mr. William Flummer- Reagan English Teacher- Officer Krupke
“It has been fun. It’s been good for me to see the kids in a new light.”
Mr. John Francis- Reagan US History Teacher- Doc
“It’s been fun. The cast have been really supportive, particularly considering they know my lines better than I do. The last play I was in was Bye, Bye Birdie in the 7th grade.” (This was a surprise for his mother.)
Mr. Mark Keith- Reagan Technical Theatre and Theatre I Teacher and Technical Director- Lt. Shrank
“It has been fun. I haven’t acted in 10 years. I miss it.”
            So the verdict is that this seems to have been both a positive experience for the adults and the kids. Perhaps we can do it again sometime?

Officer KrupkeDoc and Tony