New Stone Oak Board of Directors in place

 Stone Oak’s new 11-member Board of Directors officially took control Jan. 24 and includes a mixture of residents and business representatives. Although the new board was suppose to be elected by members of the Property Owners Association, bylaw changes approved just this month allowed the Project Planning Committee, Stone Oak’s previous governing body, to appoint this first board.
Board members include residents Barry Ream, Joe Silman, Mike Villyard, Joan Kaufman and Sandy Whitley. Andy Robinson of Washington Mutual, Lynn Falcone of North Central Baptist Hospital, Evelyn Montalvan of Primrose School, Hugo Gutierrez of Falcon Bank and Richard Tovar of the Laurels in Stone Oak fill the other five seats. The chairman of the board is H. J. “Buz” Buckley, manager of the Hill Country Management Company which handles the administrative duties for Stone Oak’s POA.
Stone Oak’s master plan originally called for the association’s leading positions to be handed over to property owners once 90 percent of the area was occupied. However, due to the designated use of land which reserves large amounts for open space and the Sonterra golf course, it became apparent the 90 percent mark would never be reached. Instead, a Dec. 31, 2007 deadline automatically calling for the termination of the Project Planning Board regardless of Stone Oak’s occupancy rate was put in place. 
The association’s by-laws had originally called for the new board to be elected at Stone Oak’s Annual Meeting and serve a term of one year. However, in order to avoid an entire overhaul of experienced leaders, the Project Planning Committee approved to change the bylaws, allowing for the initial board to be appointed and serve either one or two-year terms.  Once their terms are up, the seats will be filled by individuals elected by property owners within Stone Oak. The board must always have five residents, five people representing area businesses and one chairman.
The new Board of Directors assumed all duties and responsibilities of governing the association Jan. 24 and will meet for the first time Jan. 30. The association’s leaders are responsible for administering and enforcing all covenants, restrictions, rules and regulations outlined in Stone Oak’s master plan, maintaining and repairing all common areas, granting permits and licenses, approving or rejecting requests for land use changes, controlling operating funds and obtaining and paying for the association’s management company.