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Reagan Student Stabbed

A freshman student was stabbed Wednesday at Reagan High School. The stabbing took place in the courtyard around 2:00, in a fight involving three teens. A 14 year old boy was stabbed in the chest and airlifted to University Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

Two students have been taken into police custody in connection with the stabbing. 

Fairer Property Tax System?


Senator Wentworth column                                                                Contact: Margaret Patterson

For immediate release/January 26, 2007                                                   (210) 826-7800

MLK Commemoration 20th Anniversary

Martin Luther King, Jr. City of San Antonio Commemoration 20th Anniversary

Come celebrate and honor one of this nation's greatest civil rights leaders!  Each year the City of San Antonio's Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission organizes a variety of educational, inspirational and celebratory events in honr of Dr. King.

The signature event, the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. March will mark its 20th anniversary in 2007.  The march will take place on Dr. King's actual birthday on Monday, January 15.

More than 100,000 adults and children of every race are expected to participate in the nearly three-mile march through the community's eastside.  No registration is necessary for individuals or groups.

Stone Oak POA Annual Meeting Cancelled

The Stone Oak POA annual meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, has been cancelled due to the icy weather conditions.  Stay tuned to Stone Oak Info.com for information regarding the rescheduling of that meeting, or the Stone Oak POA office at 490-9481.

Vasopressin Trauma Trial to Begin Enrollment

Vasopressin Trauma Trial to Begin Enrollment

Study aims to reduce death due to shock


Christmas Tree Recycle Day January 10th

Give the Earth a gift...Recycle your live Christmas tree!  The city of San Antonio will be picking up live Christmas trees on Wednesday, January 10.   Just remember to follow these guidelines to have a quick and easy clean up!

Wednesday, January 10

 * Remove all decorations, nails and stands
 * Trees longer than six feet, cut in half
 * Flocked trees are accepted
 * Place trees at the curb by 7:00 a.m.

For any question regarding recycling of your Christmas tree, call 3-1-1 or visit www.sanantonio.gov/enviro.  And thank you for giving back! 

What is a Personal Chef ?

   A Personal Chef is someone who prepares palate specific meals for clients to enjoy later.  A Personal Chef helps families gather around the table for meals, allows singles to eat healthier, and couples to enjoy a quality time together with food they love.  Busy, time-starved families hire a Personal Chef in order to eat healthier and to enjoy food prepared just for them using the freshest meats and produce, herbs, and just the right amount of spice. Special dietary requirements are also taken into consideration if requested.

Secrets For Achieving "THE Look" When Decorating Your Home

Secrets For Achieving “THE Look” When Decorating Your Home
 by: Linda Kevich 

Have you ever wondered what it is that professional décor stylists know that gives the rooms they design that clean, oh-so-polished, classic look, EVERY time? You’ve probably looked around the rooms of your house and struggled to figure out what’s missing from your style of decorating. How come you never quite seem to have it – whatever IT is?

Well, good news – here are some really simple secrets to give your house that star quality when it comes to décor. These ideas are completely simple to adopt, and they do not involve spending a lot of money, but rather, it's all about using what you already have in the best possible way. It's simple common sense, really – but sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that seem to elude us the most.

Cheers! No More Foggy Wine Glasses!

Foggy Wine Glasses Are Not The End Of The World!
 by: Ken Finnigan

Perhaps one of the most troubling problems which usually occurs that takes the enjoyment out of having a glass of wine is when even though your glasses are clean, look very foggy. We have all encountered it at one time or another and probably all can agree that there is something detracting about a foggy wine glass. Before you decide to throw out your glasses or invest in a set of inexpensive ones with the thought that fogging is inevitable so you might as well be ready to throw them away when the time comes, there are a few things that you can do to prevent fogging and bring back the glorious sparkle and shine to foggy glasses that you remember from when they were first purchased.

Does Your Marriage Need a Spring Cleaning?

Does Your Marriage Need A Spring Cleaning?
 by: Mark Webb 

Does your marriage revolve around your children or grandchildren? Do you and your spouse spend too much time apart? Have you grown apart? Imagine your marriage 20 years from now. How is it going to be if you keep up with your current approach? If you don't like the thought of your future with its present course, then your marriage may need a spring cleaning.

Ernest Holmes said, "Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it." Have your thoughts undermined a once great relationship? If so, you can redirect your thoughts and thus redirect the future of your marriage. Most couples put more effort into the planning of their vacation than they do their marriage.