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Small Business EXPO!

San Antonio's First Annual Small Business Expo

improve your strategy...

September 30, 2006  10am-5pm

Crossroads Convention Center, Crossroads Mall

The 2006 Small Business Expo is the best way to develop direct contact with potential customers and renew relationships with old customers. 

Stage 1 Critical Period Water Restrictions

According to the Bexar Metropolitan Water District, the City of San Antonio is in a Stage 1 Critical  Water Restriction Period.  Stage 1 is when the Edwards Aquifer Level falls below 650 feet.  We are currently at 649.8 feet.  All  landscape  watering activities are restricted to one day per week after 8pm.  Click on the link below for more details on the water restrictions.


High School Football Scoreboard

The following are the select games from around the area for the tenth week of High School Football.  If you would like to see a specific contest posted here, please let us know.  The highlighted school is this week's game winner.