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Waiting for Dr. Middleton's response

Submitted by Dr. Kristin Story Held

Dear concerned parents and friends, by now I hope Dr. Middleton is up reading his email which contains a copy of a letter he will receive from me on Monday. I will forward the final copy of his letter after I believe he has had ample time to read and assimilate its content and tone. If I don't hear back in a timely fashion I will forward it then as that would indicate a lack of concern over this critical matter. I have heard that this issue will be an agenda item at Monday night's board meeting. I have heard that they insist on a cumulative total because "what about the student that can't sing or isn't in band or any activities, that just really wants to take 8 ranked classes" Here it is: 1) The beauty of this system IF WE DIVIDE is that it DOESN'T DISCRIMIATE against this small number of students whereas the current form DOES DISCRIMINATE against a large number of students. The NEISD'S own data shows that "a student has never taken 8 rankable classes per semester". In this system they can without penalty, and the more slots you use to take AP classes, the more you are likely to raise your GPA and CLASS RANK because your average can move further and further above 100 with each successful (not that performance is a big concern to them) attempt because of the grade weighting, also your odds of lowering rank and GPA are lower because even a barely passing 70 in an AP class is a 90.3. Be very careful of their graph here as they try to implicate that averaging lowers GPA when in reality the effect is NOT statistically significant. HERE IS THE CLINCHER: Isn't this the very student we should cultivate an mold and encourage to become a well-rounded, unselfish individual who might need to be encouraged to develop leadership skills in Senate, serve others in PALS or PEER tutoring, improve physical well-being and try a sport, cross-country, explore the arts, join Model UN and go to UIL, Work, do research, or volunteer outside school! l in their area of interest to enhance their attractiveness to a combined BA/MD program such as at TUFTS or Washington U in St. Louis or even A&M, what about a creative writing or journalism class, photography, yearbook, cooking, sewing, computer, church group..................This will make them a better college applicant and more importantly a better person( community servant, community leader etc.) Has anyone ever seen a scholarship, college, honor society, or job application that didn't ask about leadership positions, community service and outside interests........I have never, and I never would have selected this one dimensional applicant even for an interview in my years with the Medical Admissions committee and resident selection committee. Finally, this is unhealthy behavior to be counseled against as it sets this student up for undue physical, mental and emotional stress; there is a breaking point. Do we allow pitchers pitch every game or throw 200 pitches per game just because they can or want to, you get my point.....If we divide this system is about as perfect as I have ever seen and could serve as a model system to standardize ranking systems statewide, in its current form..........................................Has anyone in the district even stopped to consider the well being of its faculty?

Bomb Threats at Bush M.S. Cause Concern

Bomb Threats at Bush Cause Concern
It’s been a stressful week for many Bush Middle School students and their parents as three consecutive days of threatening messages have resulted in rumors and growing concerns about safety.
Deb Caldwell, director of community relations for the North East Independent School District (NEISD), said bomb threat messages like the ones discovered in three girls’ restrooms at Bush are a growing problem. “Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon,” she explained. “We are seeing these occur across the school district. Given today’s climate, I can tell you we take these very seriously.”

Public Housing Poll! Your Opinion Counts!

Stone Oak is conducting an opinion you agree or disagree with SAHA's proposed public housing plan?  Here's your chance to make your vote count.  The results of the poll will be forwarded to Councilman Wolff, Commissioner Larson,  and SAHA.  Simply enter your "yes" or "no" vote in the box listed  "Poll"  located on the front page of Stone Oak, directly below the directory.  This is a time sensitive poll, so tell your friends and cast your vote today!

Happier Holidays: Strategies For Managing The Holiday Stress

Happier Holidays: Strategies For Managing The Holiday Stress
 by: Mark Webb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

No matter how much you may look forward to the holiday season, it is difficult to get away from the fact that the holidays can be quite stressful. If you wish to successfully manage holiday stress then you need to have a strategy. Assuming that everything should go smoothly is setting you up to get overwhelmed. Happier holidays do not happen by accident. They are designed.

Creating realistic expectations can be quite challenging because most of us want the memories to be perfect. It becomes difficult to enjoy time with family and friends when you have too many responsibilities and not enough time. I suggest that you think on paper. Make to-do lists. Focus on the activities that will bring the desired result. Understand what makes the holiday season special for you. What kind of experiences do you want to create this year? Remember that everything does not have to be perfect. Once you have clarity on this, things will fall into place much easier.

Kevin's Wolff's Statement on SAHA (11-02-06)

I cannot express how delighted and impressed I was with the level of dedication for your community that you displayed to SAHA representatives at the meeting we hosted at Stone Oak Elementary. I know it made me very proud to be your elected representative and to see well over 700 people come out to voice their opinion.

A number of direct and well thought-out questions were asked. However, very few of those questions were answered completely or directly. Below is a list of some of the questions asked which I think have NOT been answered sufficiently:

» SAHA is proposing to make 10% (approximately 60 units) of the apartment complex affordable housing. By doing so does this qualify the entire $56 million dollar property to be tax abated, essentially removing the following revenues* from these institutions annually?