Public Housing Poll! Your Opinion Counts!

Stone Oak is conducting an opinion you agree or disagree with SAHA's proposed public housing plan?  Here's your chance to make your vote count.  The results of the poll will be forwarded to Councilman Wolff, Commissioner Larson,  and SAHA.  Simply enter your "yes" or "no" vote in the box listed  "Poll"  located on the front page of Stone Oak, directly below the directory.  This is a time sensitive poll, so tell your friends and cast your vote today!

Happier Holidays: Strategies For Managing The Holiday Stress

Happier Holidays: Strategies For Managing The Holiday Stress
 by: Mark Webb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

No matter how much you may look forward to the holiday season, it is difficult to get away from the fact that the holidays can be quite stressful. If you wish to successfully manage holiday stress then you need to have a strategy. Assuming that everything should go smoothly is setting you up to get overwhelmed. Happier holidays do not happen by accident. They are designed.

Creating realistic expectations can be quite challenging because most of us want the memories to be perfect. It becomes difficult to enjoy time with family and friends when you have too many responsibilities and not enough time. I suggest that you think on paper. Make to-do lists. Focus on the activities that will bring the desired result. Understand what makes the holiday season special for you. What kind of experiences do you want to create this year? Remember that everything does not have to be perfect. Once you have clarity on this, things will fall into place much easier.

Kevin's Wolff's Statement on SAHA (11-02-06)

I cannot express how delighted and impressed I was with the level of dedication for your community that you displayed to SAHA representatives at the meeting we hosted at Stone Oak Elementary. I know it made me very proud to be your elected representative and to see well over 700 people come out to voice their opinion.

A number of direct and well thought-out questions were asked. However, very few of those questions were answered completely or directly. Below is a list of some of the questions asked which I think have NOT been answered sufficiently:

» SAHA is proposing to make 10% (approximately 60 units) of the apartment complex affordable housing. By doing so does this qualify the entire $56 million dollar property to be tax abated, essentially removing the following revenues* from these institutions annually?

Stone Oak Residents Come Out in Force to Oppose Public Housing Project.

SAHA's Henry Alvarez and Councilman Kevin Wolff

(STONE OAK - October 30,2006) "I'm here to tell you what it is weʼre going to do," began San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) President/CEO Henry Alvarez at an informational meeting held Monday night on a proposal to convert two Stone Oak area apartment complexes into partially subsidized housing for low income residents. The response to that statement, from the standing-room-only crowd of area homeowners, was immediate and angry. "I would hate for this to be a done deal," warned City Councilman Kevin Wolff, who organized the meeting at Stone Oak Elementary to provide a forum for concerned citizens to voice their opinions and ask questions. "Tell me these people are not wasting their time tonight."

Opposition Letter to SAHA from Commissioner Lyle Larson, Precinct 3

STONE OAK WANTS TO KNOW..Top Questions Re: Public Housing

Stone Oak has recieved many questions regarding the San Antonio Housing Authority's plan to create low income communites in the area.  We would like to share those questions with you. Please contact Stone Oak with any additional questions you would like to share with the community.

1.  Is this a done deal, does our opinion count, will we get a vote?

2.  What levels of income qualify a person to live in low income units, and how many units will be low income?

3.  What low income properties are currently in similar demographics, such as Alamo Heights, Shavano Park,  and the Dominion?