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No driver can ignore warnings about distracted driving. Texas law even made using the phone while driving illegal in 2017. Deep inside we agree distracted driving is dangerous and wrong, but somehow when we hear that tone ping, the compulsion to check our phone is so strong it overwhelms our best intentions. 

Clinic Connects Aspiring Dancers with Reagan High School Performers

Mark your calendars and register now for the 2020 Ronald Reagan Dance Clinic. This annual event, beloved in the Stone Oak community by young girls aspiring to one day join Reagan’s award-winning dance teams, is one thing Covid won’t cancel. “Dancing Our Way Through Reaganland” will be held Saturday, November 7, from 8-10:30 a.m., in person if safe and allowed, or virtually as backup.

Help for Mommy Burnout

Help for Mommy Burnout

Mom Mayday! – It has been months, and the kids are still home! For all you weary Stone Oak moms out there, hope is in sight. CrossBridge Community Church’s VINE program (formerly Mothers of Pre Schoolers) fall schedule is just around the corner. Leaders have designed a three-tiered program to allow moms of small children to tailor their participation to suit their family’s needs and comfort level.

Your Debt is Paid: Lifehouse Church Cancels $3.1 Million of Unpaid Medical Debt as Easter Gift to Neighbors

Your Debt is Paid

This Easter, congregations of churches all over the city will be celebrating the holiday much differently than usual. Instead of gathering together to hunt eggs, worship and share a special meal, people are looking for meaningful ways to commemorate the season as they comply with the Stay at Home order. 

NEISD will pay all employees during COVID-19 closure

NEISD will pay all employees during COVID-19 closure

The North East ISD Board of Trustees has approved a resolution that will allow the District to pay all its employees during this emergency closure.


Board members voted Friday to give the superintendent the power to continue to compensate both hourly and salaried employees, even if they are working from home due to social distancing recommendations because of COVID-19. This includes teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and more.


Open for Business!

Open for Business!

It is important to listen to our local, state and national leaders during this coronavirus pandemic.  However, it is also important to continue to do business with our local businesses in Stone Oak. They need your support now, more than ever.


How can you help?  Here are some suggestions:


1. Order food for take-out, curbside pickup, delivery or Uber Eats from your favorite restaurant.

2. Shop online at your favorite store websites. 

3. Consider purchasing a gift card now to use in the future or to give as gift.