Clearly Enjoying Our Summer

Summer is here and we are so lucky in San Antonio to have a lot of fun choices for things to do with our families. We have multiple amusement parks in the area, water parks too, and lots of ways we can vacation right here at home! Part of enjoying a good vacation is being able to see everything clearly.  We definitely recommend a good pair of sunglasses for protecting your eyes from the intense summer sun.

Date Night in Downtown San Antonio: I Need help!

Ok, so here's my situation:

I have a pretty big date coming up next wednesday June 24; I'm taking a girl to dinner and then to see "Wicked." I want to take her to a cool, unique place to eat downtown but at the end of the night, I don't won't to be broke.

Any ideas for a good, filling and unique but reasonably priced place to eat? My budget is about $20 or less per person...

Please help me out! 

Botox for Severe underarm sweating

Excessive uncontrollable perspiration, called "hyperhidrosis,"? happens in about 1% of the population.  The sweating can occur in the hands, face, underarms, and forehead.  Axillary hyperhidrosis is the type that occurs in the underarm area. 

Recent long-term studies have shown that persons suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis find a safe treatment option with Botox injections.  The FDA has approved Botox in treating this type of severe underarm sweating when it cannot be stemmed with topical or other medications.

"I miss the fork, mommy"


Whether I agreed with the final decision or not, I thought I at least understood the POA’s reasoning in forcing a local restaurateur to build a wall around a controversial sculpture installed on his property.  I understood, that is, until I tried to explain the situation to my 5-year-old.

Stop monkeying around!

Monkey see, monkey do

Those who visited the San Antonio Zoo early last week may have stumbled upon an unusual sight.  A Francois Langur Monkey somehow escaped from the enclosure and was entertaining a mob of onlookers.  It’s hard to know which was more alarming – the slow response from zoo employees or the number of adults seen lifting their young children up to “pet&rdqu

A tribute to mom by NorthRock

In need of an "awwww" moment?  Check out this video made by NorthRock Church this past Mother's Day....

25 lessons from mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, we pay tribute to 25 important lessons received from mom:

Restaurant Guide

Is there an informative guide to restaurants in the immediate area--without having to traverse 281 and 1604 ?  I guess that pretty much includes Blanco Rd., Huebner, Stone Oak Parkway and maybe Hardy Oak. I am primarily interested in sit down establishments.  Any help will be deeply appreciated.


Fight Inflation: Buy a Home

Some economic analysts say that the possibility that the economy will go into overdrive and inflation will skyrocket is a much more frightening possibility than the current recession.

One inflation hedge nearly all of them point to is real estate. Owning it outright is the best scenario, but if that’s not possible, a low-rate, 30-year fixed mortgage is the next best thing. As inflation drives up salaries, mortgage payments will stay the same, analysts point out.

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