Three key questions every small business owner should ask their social media vendor

Matt Scherer

Facebook fan pages are becoming main stream for small businesses in Texas, but small business owners should consider some key questions when engaging professional social media providers.

I have recently taken over an account for a small business on the north side.  The owner had engaged another provider for social media services.   As I begin to take over this engagement for her, I found that she didn’t ask her current provider these critical questions.

Local Charity Needs Suggestions/Help

Hello!  My name is Lindsay Richard and I am a board memeber for a charity run in Stone Oak called Heart Smiles.  You can read more about our mission of saving Ghana Orphans at or follow us on Facebook. 

My question is are there any local businesses who would be willing to help us out with a charity jar, donation, or suggestion on anything we can do to begin raising funds.  Even setting out our brochures would be a big help.  We need to get the word out about our mission. 

Use Your HSA Dollars at Our Holiday Open House

Stone Oak Vision Source
Health Care Plans
Cover Eye Care. Too
More and more employers are offering their employees the option of directing their health care spending with Flexible Spending Account Plans (FSA), “Cafeteria” Benefit Plans or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Savvy plan participants are directing that spending towards eye care.

SAT Preparation at The Tutoring Group

SAT preparation courses  will begin on Saturday, August 28th, and on Sunday, August 29th at The Tutoring Group, conveniently located on Loop 1604 between Blanco and Stone Oak.  We offer a six week basic strategies course for only $295 or our Complete SAT Preparation course for $595.  ($100 off coupons are available in the Right at Home circular.)  Call 210-494-4SAT or go to for more information.

School supply list is root of all evil

There are numerous “joys” of parenthood no one ever warns you about -- like how far projectile puke can actually, well, project or how privacy in the bathroom becomes nothing more than a distant memory once kids invade the house.  No one gives you any heads up about shopping for school supplies either.  Had I received that memo I would have walked into Wa

SAT Question of the Day from The Tutoring Group

The greatest integer in a set of consecutive integers is 7.  If the sum 

of the integers is 7, how many integers are in this set?

Click here for the explanation and the answer. 

Call 494-4SAT or go to for course information.

National Mustard Day is a great holiday

 For most people in America, mustard comes in a couple of limited flavors. August 7 is

National Mustard Day

and a good time to try new mustards. Try using mustard in a new way, or even make your own mustard.

Mustard facts

Patient Appreciation Trunk Show- August 7th

Stone Oak Vision Source
Patient appreciation Trunk Show, Saturday August 7. Supporting local PTA

I-24 Sinkhole And Canada Sinkhole Wreak Havoc

If you plan on taking the I-24 in Tennessee, your plants might not work considering the sinkhole. A deep sinkhole opened up between Chattanooga and Nashville, and shut down a 13-mile stretch of the heavily traveled road. As a sinkhole opened up last week in Canada, a family was killed in their basement. So what is the deal with all of these sinkholes?

Great sale on My Name Drink Bottles

Drink bottle

FYI Mommies!!  The Learning Express toy store at the Village at Stone shopping center has the My Name Drink Bottles on sale for $1 a piece.  These are nifty, no-spill thermoses with the built-in straws and pop cap.  The toy store still has a wide selection of names left.  These drink bottles usually retail for about $7 and up. 

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