Hello San Antoniooooo!

Take a break and come paint with us!  It's the new night-out!  Bring a friend or two and your favorite bottle of wine.  Sip! Relax! Paint!!  Anybody can do it - even you!!  Check our website for more details and painting choices.  Register on-line or call 210-495-7928.


Tryout camps in San Antonio, TX to select
players for USA SELECT TEAM to travel to
India, Europe & other future destinations.

Once in a lifetime experience
• Compete internationally
• Train at a professional level
• Expose your game internationally
• Make a difference in the lives of many children

Someone has to be hot, call now to schedule ac service

Kewl Aire here, offering affordable ac repair or replacement. Stone Oak residents receive 15% off repairs,replacements with FREE diagnostic/travel when we repair your system. When you need help call Charlie 210-618-7910 TACLB26219E

Kindergarten Countdown: School supplies


There are numerous “joys” of parenthood no one ever warns you about -- like how far projectile puke can actually, well, project or how privacy in the bathroom becomes nothing more than a distant memory once kids invade the house.  No one gives you any heads up about shopping for school supplies either.  Had I received that memo I would have walked into Wal

First Time Home Buyer's...What are you Waiting For?

A great deal of first time home buyers have taken action in purchasing their homes; however many are still on the fence...waiting...waiting...waiting.  Waiting for what I don't quite know. 

They may be waiting too long as most may not realize there are times when a 30 day closing is not in the scope of their plan.  Others may think they can have until November 30th to initiate a contract instead of that being the date in which they will need to have closed the deal.

Buying Real Estate Still Good Investment

Despite current economic challenges, 83 percent of Americans still believe buying a home is a good financial decision, according to NAR's 2009 National Housing Pulse Survey.

The survey also found that one-third of renters are thinking more about buying a home than they were a year ago. Many of them still need to save toward that goal - 82 percent of potential homeowners consider down payments and closing costs to be the greatest challenges to homeownership.



Miss the sound of rain?

It's been awhile since we've heard the pleasant pitter-patter of a lengthy and refreshing rain shower.  Miss that sound??  Check out this incredible video courtesy of YouTube:


Shooting for Success

 Looking for a fun, safe summer environment for your children?  (Ages 6-17)  If so, you're looking for Shooting for Success and David "DJ" Jones.  DJ is an active basketball player who loves the game of basketball.  He believes in the importance of staying fit and healthy by maintaining a daily workout regimen.  Teaching fundamental basketball skills to young people while emphasizing life skills  (ho

What's wrong on Summer Knoll?

To those of you who don't live on the street, here is a resident's opinion:  THIS IS A RESIDENTIAL STREET, NOT A THROUGHWAY!  All of you who DON'T live here cannot imagine how dismaying it is to see traffic whizzing past, ignoring the speed limit (except the speed bumps, sometime).  You endanger the walkers, runners, pets, and children who live here.  We cannot enjoy our front yards.  We have to run across the street, because sometimes you don't even slow down when you see us in the middle of the road!  In the mornings, even when school is n

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